Ihr Partner für Schwingfördertechnik - Ihr Partner für Schwingfördertechnik

HST Hoppe Schwingtechnik GmbH

Your Partner for Vibration Technology
20 Years Vibrating Machines    

In USA please contact our Partner :

In Mexico please contact our Partner :
Industrias Vega     indfe@hotmail.com

In South Korea please contact our Partner :
DooYoung ENG Co.,Ltd.        www.dyeng.kr

In Turkey please contact our Partner :
LMA                                       www.lma.com.tr                         
We provide to our customers the application of advanced vibration technology in various kinds of field. We are in close cooperation with our customers, not only to help the customers to solve practical problems but also  to help our customers in  innovation. Through the use of newest technology,  our customers have mutual success with us. All of our Designers are engineers. The high Knowledge Level and the Long years experience of our Designers is the reason for the Quality of our machines.

The latest CAD design and the use of laser-cutted steel parts in our production result a perfect performance of our machines.
We focus on the quality in each production step. No compromise in the stability of equipment  and the design for a long lifespan of the machine is the foundation of our success.
Our customers trust in us, even In case of difficult situations as applications with very high temperature, assembly  under bad ambient conditions and urgent delivery, when it´s starting to become difficult for other suppliers.
We eliminate vibrations powerfull

Picture : Anti Vibration System Taipei 101

Vibrating Conveyor / Resonance Conveyor

Curve feeder

Vibrating Feeder


Apron Conveyor / Apron Conveyor Cooler

Hopper Groups for bulk material

Moveable Hopper  

Tube feeder
Magnetic Feeder / Dosing Feeder

Furnace Charging feeders/ Charging feeder for conveyor belt / Driving Vibrating Feeder

Spiral Feeder / Spiral Vibrating Feeder
Spiral Cooler / Spiral Vibrating Cooler
Screening machines
linear vibration screen / circular Motion screen                                                                               

Shake out machine / Shake out table / vibrating table

Lump Breaker

Cooler / Drying machines
Vibration Fluid Bed Cooler / Vibrating Drying machine
Sand Cooler / Air classifier

Casting Cooler

We produce the most modern Casting Coolers worldwide

with integrated secondary air stream "Turbo-Stream"

Special Coolers

Vibrating Drum / Cooling Drum

Special machines
Reversible Feeders, movable and swingable Vibration Feeder

Design of equipment components with application of vibration transportation technology
We use 3D CAD Software and modern technical calculation Software

Services and Repair
Services and Repair of Vibration Feeders and other Equipments

Oil Cooling system for Exciters in hot applications

Spare parts and wear parts
Exciter, Springs, wear-resisting plate etc.
We produce our own exciters. 


 in kgcm

 HRE 4-8
 HRE 4-6
 HRE 4-4
 HRE 4-4-V
 HRE 5-8
 HRE 5-6
 HRE 5-4
 HRE 5-4-V
 HRE 6-8
 HRE 6-6

Our Exciters and Excentric Drives are compatible with Exciters from several other suppliers. Plaese send us your inquiry

Excentric Drives


Measurement and elimination of vibrations

Plant Manufactoring

Starting form the conception to the commissioning, we work out modern solutions together with you in plant manufatoring. Our experienced project engineers develop first layouts for you to find the best concept for your prodution line which fits your requirements.
The needed machines we design after that in 3D-CAD and produce it in our own workshop. 

All engines of our machines are produced by ourselfes. Each of them is tested before we use it.The steel parts we use are laser cuted. Our professional welders produce the machine parts. All machines get a professional painting with first class industrial standard.

Machines and parts that we can´t produce by ourselfes, we buy only from first class producers. We work together with this companies many years. All of our machines are tested in our workshop. 

We do the installation worldwide.

Many satisfied customers order several times from us because they trust in our quality and in our technologie.
We are avilable for you 24 hours.
Service Hotline : 0049 (0) 151 414 29 488

We do the Installation of our machines worldwide

Spare Parts
We hold spare parts for you on Stock in Germany, China and USA

We Produce our own Exciters

Our Vibration Machine are used in many fields. The following are the most important applications.

Our Vibration Machine are used in many fields. The following are the most important applications.

Chemical industry
Cooling and drying of various products directly as well as indirectly.
Screening and conveying various bulk materials.

Foundry industry
In process of Casting-Sand Separation, conveying of casting and old sand as well as cooling of casting and old sand you will find the application of our technology. We construct  complete Charging Systems and Alloy Charging Systems.

Mining & Stone Industry
Screening of raw material as coal, ore, sand and stone materials with using single-deck or multi-deck screening machines.

Food Industry
Conveying, cooling and drying of various materials in production of food. Complete design in stainless steel. The machines could be constructed to meet individual needs of our customers.

Steel Industry
The most typical application in steel industry  are charging feeders or screening of dust from converter.

We develop special solutions together with our customers for conveying, screening and drying of differnt materials

Charging of limestone furnace / Limestone Industrie
Charging of Lime Stone into the furnace with using tube feeders, conveying of limestone using vibration feeder and screening of limestone

Cement industries
Our machine are used for conveying  hot and abrasive materials as well as drying of slag.

Waste burning
Transport of slag using vibration feeder               

Sand blasting machine
Vibrating feeder used as charging and discharging channel and
screening machines  for sand blasting machine


Production of Two-Way-Feeder 4.500 x 1.400 mm
April 2020

Installation 2 Sand Conveyors with 8° Upward slope
February 2020

Development of new Exciter HRE 3 with 5.5 kW
January 2020

China Metall in Tianjin
October 2019

Production of two Screening machines and 130 meter Castng Coolers and Sand Conveyors. Longest machine more than 40 meter. August 2019

Our Stand at the GIFA in Düsseldorf, Germany
June 2019

Our Stand at the MM China in Shanghai
March 2019

Production Dryer for 30 t/h industrial dust pellets with process temperature of 350°C
February 2019

New Workshop with 2.000 m2 and Cranes 1x20 t and 1x10 t
January 2019

Indometall 2018 in Jakarta
October 2018

Production of 4 Shake Out Machines and 100 meter Vibrating Conveyor 

Testrun : Drying of pellets from industrial dust
July 2018

Stand at MM China 2018 in Beijing
May 2018

Testrun Sandcooler for Namyang Metals (Hitachi Group) in India

Production of four vibrating conveyors for our customer FILL
December 2017

Testrun of Shake Out Machines for VW E888 Motor Engines
October 2017

Installation and testrun of a sandconveyor and a shake out machine in Monterrey Mexico
September 2017

40 Years Foundry Association of Mexico in Saltillo
September 2017

Extension of our drives family with the exciter HRE 6 which has till 15000 kgcm working moment and 30 kw installed power
September 2017

Production of machines for Pre-Cooling of Castings for Teksid
August 2017

Delivery of two Charging Feeders to ABP Induction
June 2017

Exhibition in Shanghai, China Metall 2017
June 2017

Easyfair Schüttgut in Dortmund
May 2017

Production and testrun of three charging cars for 6 t material for Japanese Customer
April 2017

Testrun of a sand conveyor for 330 t/h sand and 40 t/h castings before delivery to a foundry in Mexico
February 2017

Fundiexpo in Queretaro, Mexico
October 2016

New Stock for our drive technologie
September 2016

New Exciter test stand
August 2016

Installation two 10 meter long conveyors in existing line at "Great Wall" in Baoding in China
July 2016

Difficult Machine Installation in Waste Cogeneration Plant in Germany
July 2016

Testrun of a two way feeder
June 2016

Metall + Metallurgie 2016 China in Beijing
May 2016

Delivery of two 12 to Charging Cars
April 2016

Participation at Castexpo 2016 in Minneapolis
April 2016

Testrun Vibrating Drum before delivery to japanese Customer
November 2015

Installation of screening lines in China
November 2015

Production of Vibrating Lump Bracker for 25 t/h chemical bounded sand
Oktober 2015

Test run Curve Conveyor 180° before delivery
August 2015

Start of Production with a Vario-Shake-Out-Machine with variable vibrating parameters in a German Foundry
July 2015

Delivery of several machines to Brembo USA
Juyi 2015

GIFA 2015
June 2015

Production of 100 m Casting Cooler
June 2015

Delivery of several Linear Screening Machines
May 2015

Exhibition in Jakarta
December 2014

Complete renovation and Capacity expansion of a competition machine at Georg Fischer
October 2014

Shake Out for Supplier of Toyota
September 2014

Exhibition in Beijing
May 2014

Shake out for casting-sand separation and conveying of hot core sand was put into operation at General Motors
February 2014                      

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